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Located only
40 miles from
St. Paul, MN!

Lessons, Clinics, Training, Trail Rides, Private Retreats, Pony Parties, Etc.


We are open year round. Lynette's specialty is building strong, confident riders and respectful, willing horses. Would you like more information? We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information about us and our services. You can reach us at: Lost Creek Ranch
N5011 490th Street • Ellsworth, WI 54011
Phone: (715) 273-6070 • Email:

We accept cash or checks here at the ranch, or you may pay online through the security of PayPal with your credit card, bank account, PayPal acount, etc.


Clinics by Lynette Weldon

Lynette's clients often joke that she is "half horse" because of her inate abilty to understand communication between horse and rider. It is this ability that allows her to get to the heart of any difficulties the rider may be experiencing and offer concrete advice and teach the rider the skills neccessary to better work with their horse.

A natural teacher Lynette instictively knows when a rider or horse needs to be pushed and when they need to take a step back. Her talents have earned her a loyal following of formerly timid riders who have gained the confidence to take their horsemanship to the next level.

Clinics can be specific to your groups interest such as western dressage, groundwork (starting young horses or restarting older ones), balanced seat/ equitation (western and English) or her most popular topic "Horse and Rider Communication" which will allow each rider to work on their horse and improve their riding and training skills at their own pace.

Host a Clinic:

To be a clinic host you will need a minimum of 6 riders. Rates vary by number of hours and number of days. Private and semi private lessons also available before and after clinic rides. Contact the ranch for dates available and  your will be provided with flyers and everything you need to get started. Lynette will travel to your location (no travel fee for western WI and the greater Twin Cities area).

*Host a clinic in March or April and get a free Lost Creek Ranch fleece jacket!*


Clinic Series: Western Dressage

Western Dressage: New and upcoming sport for all horses and riders of all abilities! Western Dressage aims to train a more supple, responsive horse as the rider learns to refine their aids. 

Topics covered include: Improving horse and rider communication, correct aids, rider and horse balance in transitions and more. Riders of all abilities welcome! Green horses welcome too!
*Clinic schedule will include one on one instruction with Lynette Weldon as well as group work and learning the dressage arena and movements. Clinic participants will have the opportunity to ride a Western Dressage Test at the end of the clinic.

Next Clinic Date: To be announced soon!

Thanks to all the riders who joined our recent Western Dressage clinics!

Lynette Weldon also offers clinics focused on Horse and Rider, Colt Starting, Behavior Problems and more. Host a clinic at your barn or at Lost Creek Ranch.

Overnight accomadations for horses and people available for clinics at Lost Creek Ranch.


Beginning riders learn to safely handle a horse on the ground, grooming, how to saddle, form, posture, balance and communitcation. As riders advance they work on higher level riding skills including transitions, half halts, half pass, turn on the haunches/ forehand and the mechanics behind these maneuvers. More advanced riders can choose to take lessons in their chosen disapline or concentrate on showing Western or English Pleasure, Huntseat, Reining, Trail, Horsemanship & Halter classes. Beginning jumpers are encouraged and we have some wonderful safe jumpers for you to learn on.


Lessons are available by appointment for adults and children. Rates for Lynette are $45/hour for private and $35/hour for group lessons. Adult group lessons are held on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons. 

Lynette Weldon (on her reining horse Whiskey) has over 20 years of riding and
training experience. Private one hour lesson: $45.


Beginner Children Lessons

Beginner children's lessons with Carly are $30/hour (age 10 & under)

Carly loves to share her knowledge and talent with new riders!

We also offer lesson packages (buy 5 lessons and get the 6th one free!)
*Students have the option to go to shows with us during show season! 


Winter/ Spring Day Campslostcreekdaycamp

Day Camp Dates:  Lost Creek Ranch Day Camps run throughout the school year on days off. $55/ day or 2 days/ $99. 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. (early drop off and late pick up available).

Day Campers who are beginning riders will learn to safely handle a horse on the ground. How to groom, saddle and the basics of riding. Advanced riders will work in their own group on to polish their riding and communication with the horse. Every day camper gets at least 3 hours of riding every day! Bring a bag lunch. Non riding activities include horse games, learning horse anatomy,, crafts and more!

Lost Creek Ranch Day Camp welcomes riders of all abilities and experience levels. We have well schooled lesson horses that will teach your children everything they need to know. For advanced riders we have more challenging horses that are trained in western riding
and English (including jumpers!). 

Spring Break Day Camps. 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

Little Buckaroos
 Program for ages 4-7
Now enrolling for Fall Session! (startting as soon as the snow melts!)
Young horse lovers will learn to safely lead, groom and ride one of Lost Creek Ranch's safe well schooled lesson horses in this one of a kind program that will focus on developing your child's self esteem and independance while building  fine and large moter skills and making new friends.
Each session will include a lesson in safe horse handling, grooming and of course a riding lesson where children will learn to start, stop and steer around obstacles. After riding we will venture into the woods for a nature walk/ activity to see what we can discover. Each session will end with circle time where we will read favorite horse books, sing cowboy songs and share a snack.

Weekday mornings 9:00-11:00 a.m. ($30/ session)

Want to register your child or get more information? Contact Lynette

Lost Creek Riding Academy
Taking new students for the Spring 2011 season

Academy riders are dedicated to becoming the best riders possible.
Lost Creek Academy riders take weekly lessons with Lynette Weldon in their chosen discipline
 always concentrating on a balanced, centered seat, soft hands and clear communication with their horse. Academy riders learn advanced skills that are required for sports like reining, cutting, western pleasure, huntseat, jumping and more.

The Lost Creek Riding Academy is open to riders of all ages and skill levels who have a passion for riding and a willingness to learn.

Academy riders are encouraged to show to build their skill level and confidence.

Want to enroll your child in the Lost Creek Ranch Riding Academy?
Contact Lynette Weldon:

Working Student Program
Accepting applications for the 2011 Spring/ Summer season

Lost Creek Ranch in Ellsworth, WI is a horse ranch with an active riding school program as well as camps, children programs and the training of young and rescue horses.

The working student program is run in a relaxed, friendly, family atmosphere, with strong emphasis on basic horsemanship, correct riding,
barn management, teamwork, leadership and organizational skills.
The students are exposed to every aspect of running an equine business.

Gain hands-on experience in:
Safe horse handling, groundwork, grooming, equine nutrition, general medical  care and more. Many of the horses students work with are rescues and have special needs.

This a physical job that also includes daily chores such as feeding, watering, cleaning stalls and general maintenance of fencing and shelters.

The Fun Stuff
Working students learn to ride and have the opportunity to learn to train and show. For every 10 hours worked students receive a group lesson taught by Lynette Weldon.

download Working Student PDF here
download Working Student Application here


Summer Training Specials

Lynette Weldon specializes in creating strong, confident riders and respectful, willing horses.  Lost Creek Ranch was founded on her strong belief that the horses needs come first- that horses are not just tools. Her number one priority in training is communication between horse and rider. When your horse is in training with Lynette so are you. Weekly lessons for the rider/ owner are always included. Lynette's training results in a soft, responsive horse and creates a willing partner building the horse and riders self confidence.

$550 per month plus board. Includes weekly riding lesson for you to learn with your horse.


Training Spotlight

Andrea & Teddy

"Lost Creek Ranch restored my love of horses,"

After losing confidence in her riding ability Andrea sought out a "bomb proof" horse. What she got was Teddy: a smart but pushy horse who spooked at hay bales, birds, grass and multiple times left Andrea on the ground. 

    "I remember going inside the house, crying, embarassed, and telling my husband that I was just too old to ride.  As a mom of three kids, I was terrified of getting hurt.  I was also diagnosed with a progressive neuromuscular disease in February of 2010 making me feel like it was just time to give up and the diagnosis was a "sign."  In addition to the spooking and bucking, Teddy had other naughty habits such as stepping on people's feet and biteing.  Even my daughter who loves horses was scared to go near Teddy."

Andrea was referred to Lynette by her farrier. Andrea was reluctant but felt like this was her last chance. After a few training sessions at her home Andrea decided to send Teddy to Lost Creek Ranch where in addition to Teddy getting trained Andrea could take lessons on him and learn to work with Teddy.

"I didn't really enjoy the first few riding lessons - relearning was difficult and I again felt embarassed.  Lynette was always very supportive, acknowledging my fears and reassuring me that we would work through everything together.  Watching Lynette work with Teddy was awe inspiring.  She picked up on his anxiety and eagerness to please and taught me about so many of his cues such as which way he turned his ears or the subtle look in his eyes. Things that I had never even thought of.  Plus, it became clear the relationship that Teddy developed with Lynette.  He watched her, everywhere she went, listened to her and was attached to her.
I remember thinking, "that's what I want."  
Eventually one thing clicked, then another and another.  Lynette saw a strength in me and in Teddy that I truely believed didn't exist.  She showed me how Teddy was trusting me.  Lessons became enjoyable and then something I couldn't wait for.  Teddy was excited to see me too and the bad behaviors were gone and if they came back, I was confident that I would know how to deal with them.
Lost Creek Ranch became a place of healing for me.  It restored my love for horses - something I had longed for since childhood.  It gave me confidence that I didn't know existed.  I fell in love with Teddy.  Teddy and I now have gone on many trail rides together and participated in two horse shows.  Every time I am with him, I feel a connection to him and he to me.  Lynette was a gift to us from up above and was our healer."

Andrea & Teddy can now enjoy showing, arena work and trail rides with confidence

Training Spotlight

Mustang Mare

"Several years ago, I found myself gazing into the eyes of an unbroke, 3 year old Mustang mare. Although I had grown up on horses, I was not prepared to train a Mustang myself. I had heard Mustangs were different from other horses and I must admit I was intimidated by the thought. I hired Lynnette Weldon of Lost Creek Ranch to train my Mustang mare. When the training was finished, Lynnette called and asked if I would stop in and take the mare for a ride in her arena. I hesitated, I stalled, I made an excuse…I must admit, I was still intimidated. Oh the Mustang stories I’d heard !

About a week after Lynnette called, I tried to lay my fears aside and I headed out to the Ranch. Lynnette was great at explaining everything she had done with the mare while she demonstrated her training methods and allowed me to try them out myself so I would know in the future how to handle my horse. Lynnette was also great at explaining how the process of training was coming along during the actual training. I called her several times, and she was able to tell me exactly the progress she and my mare were making.

I was still a bit tentative about getting in the saddle, but I did and my Mustang mare handled beautifully ! She was so calm and serene, and she did everything I asked her to do. I was extremely impressed with Lynnette’s ability to work not only with my horse, but also with me throughout the training process.

Although I wasn’t able to keep this mare, she did become the companion of a 15 year old girl who rode her in 4-H shows for several years.

I would highly recommend Lynnette as a horse trainer and I would definitely use her again if needed. Lynnette truly has a gift with both horses and children."

Stephanie Julian
Odanah, WI


Trail Rides
Trail Rides

Join us at Lost Creek Ranch for a ride through our beautiful scenic trails for a guided trail ride. Start with a short intro into riding before hitting the trails. Finish with some refreshments upon return and learn more about all our beautiful rescue horses and available programs.  Trail riders will be given a reusable, eco-friendly Lost Creek Ranch water bottle as a souvenir.

Reservations are required (weekends in the fall book up early!)

(Offered for adults only. Must be 18 or over, and sign a waiver.)

$75/ person


Saddle Up for a Half Day Ranch Excursion

includes light catered lunch & Wine Tasting

Perfect day in the country for couples and girls weekends!

This is not your ordinary horse ranch! It is apparent as soon as you drive into Lost Creek Ranch that you are somewhere special. Located in a secluded valley, surrounded by whispering pines and an abundance of wildlife Lost Creek Ranch may only be a short drive from the city but you'll feel like you have stepped into another world. 

lost creek ranch half day ranch excursion

Your experience will begin with a tour of the ranch where you will meet many of the horses and hear their stories. Then you'll move into the arena where you will be matched with your horse and learn how to safely handle a horse on the ground, grooming and how to saddle before your group riding lesson. In your lesson the basics of form, balance and communication will be emphasized with one on one instruction. 

$200/ person

Private Retreats
Private Retreats

Private retreats are customized for your family, group or business. Call to discuss rates.

Pony Parties
Pony Parties
For birthdays, girl scout troops, or any organization! Create memories that will last forever.
$35 per child. Includes horseback riding, games on horseback, and a keepsake.
Customized packages are also available.

School Horses Available for Leasing
Leasing is a great way to learn how to take care of and ride a horse. It's a great way to help support the horses that need to be sponsered and also a way to have a "horse of your own!" Full, partial and monthly packages including lessons while leasing available. Starting at just $75 a month. Visit the Leasing page to learn more about this wonderful opportunity and to find a leasing package that is right for you!

Gift Certificates
Gift certificates are available for the holiday season or any special occasion.

We can accept many forms of online payments- PayPal, credit cards, or other types of payments - through Paypal. Never used PayPal before? It is a convenient, easy and SAFE way to pay online. Just go to for more information and instructions on how to use this great service.

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