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Located only
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I started mid summer to take riding lessons as a break from work and parenting but the ranch has become more like a rejuvenating retreat. Lynette, as an instructor encouraged me starting at the first lesson and pushes and explains just the right amount so I'm striving to do better but feeling confident in my current riding level. Lynette is willing to repeatedly answer questions about horse care, ground manners and "how do I do that again" questions. Her patience and love as a horse rescuer is unmatched and she willingly shares her knowledge and lets us help in the care of the newly rescued even when it is more work for her. My son, who has some special needs, also started taking lessons and I have seen his confidence rise and his eagerness to get to the arena for his lessons. He feels included in the group, is making friends and learning life lessons. Lynette is a patient teacher and will show how something is done over and over until he masters it but then will also hold him accountable to do it well once he has mastered something. The ranch, lynette, the herd, and the other adult students are really a caring and fun place to be. Thank Lynette

Cari, adult beginner, mom of lesson student _______________________________________________________________________________

Lynette and Lost Creek Ranch is making my girlhood dreams come true. I always wanted a horse and now as an adult I am living that dream. What makes this place so special is not just all the wonderful rescued horses but the people as well. I am in a wheelchair and have desperately been trying to find the right match for me because so many places aren't willing to take the risk because they can't see your potential. From day one, Lynette has provided an encouraging and positive environment. Where on my first day she said she'll let me do whatever I feel I am capable of doing and then when I know you can do even more I will encourage you to do so. So thanks Lynette, for helping me to live my dreams!

Jennifer, adult beginner & leaser of the Gentle Giant, C.J.

______________________________________________________________________________ day I was reading the newspaper and saw an ad for a Horse Lover's Camp for Kids - called Camp Confidence - at a place called Lost Creek Ranch... it talked about how horse lovers could realize their dreams and have a 'horse of their own' for a week at camp. It talked about building self esteem and confidence and was geared toward children 7 - 14. They offered lessons and leasing and trail rides, etc. so I gave them a call. What I got on the other end of the line was a woman who took the time to talk to me about my daughter, who listened and understood her passion for horses from the beginning. We decided to visit and do a "trial" lesson to see if it would be a good fit for us. With my previous experience looming, I listened closely to every word spoken. I watched the level of interest given to my little one. We have been to Lost Creek Ranch virtually every Saturday since that day - and that was more than two years ago!

What Lynette offers is so much more than horseback riding lessons. She has given our family the ability to make Chloe's childhood dreams come true without us having to make a huge investment or a lifestyle change to support her dreams. After about 6 months of lessons, Lynette offered to take Chloe to a horse show. She now has been to 4. Chloe has been to Horse Lover's Camp - her first time away from home! We participated in a Mother/Daughter Day. We had her birthday at the barn spending the night in the bunk house used for camp. She is currently attending a horsemanship clinic where she is learning all about horses - how to care for them, groom them, the anatomy of horses, the difference in colors and breeds, how to lunge them, tack them up and turn them out. She's learning both Western and English riding and next wants to learn to jump!

At Lost Creek Ranch, you can take horseback riding lessons from a kind, patient, knowledgeable and experienced horse woman - and you will love them. But if there is more in your heart's desire - or in the heart of someone you love - you can also make those dreams come true!

Julie, mom of lesson student and camper

The beautiful scenery and quiet of nature are just a few of qualities that bring us to Lost Creek Ranch for the past three years and many more to come.  With no experience to begin with, my 10 year old son and I have learned how to care for and ride these wonderful, loving horses that thrive under Lynette’s care.  My son has attended two summer camps with kids in his age group and then a first for us last year was a family retreat.  Three families– 5 days in the bunkhouse – we had a blast!!! We have also gained more self confidence, learned to be more assertive, and overcome fears.  Lynette is a wonderful teacher – kind, fun and patient.  The love she has for her horses combined with her never ending knowledge makes all time spent at the ranch a rewarding experience.  

Kim, adult rider, mom of a camper

From the time I remember, all I ever wanted to do was be a mom and own a horse. When my daughter and I bought (rescued) our horses, we went on a determined search to get these two out of the horrible conditions they were in. God brought us to Lynette Weldon and Lost Creek Ranch. We knew from the beginning that this was the save haven we all needed. Lynette's knowledge was priceless. We were able to get their weight back, to see hope in their eyes again. My little mare just couldn't make it because of her horrible past. That was when I discovered that Lynette's heart/soul was far more valueable than even her knowledge, which seems endless. Along with my family, she did everything she could do to save Vegas and myself. Lost Creek Ranch is not just about a place for horses to eat and sleep, it is where lost souls, both horse and human, find solace.

Kelly, adult rider, show team, owner of two horses at Lost Creek Ranch


Call it a midlife crisis but one day I decided to learn how to ride horses at age 36. When I was afraid of the school horse who was almost as old as me I thought of running out the barn door and back to my city life but instead I signed up for another lesson then another then twice a week... Lynette's style of teaching is part loving encouragement and part drill sargent and she instinctively knows which is needed. What I have learned at Lost Creek Ranch is more than good horsemanship: I have learned to be patient with myself . I have learned that being loved by a horse is well worth the hour long drive. I have learned to get dirty and not care (very much). I have learned that there is nothing more freeing than cantering in an open field on a sunny day and most important I have learned that every horse no matter how old, frightened or sad can be transformed when they come to Lost Creek Ranch and become part of Lynette's herd. 

Ruth, adult beginner, proudly owned by her beautiful mare Millie

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