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Located only
40 miles from
St. Paul, MN!

Horses Available for Lease

School Horses Available for Leasing:

Leasing is a great way to learn how to take care of and ride a horse. It's a wonderful way to help support the horses that need to be sponsored and is also a way to have a "horse of your own!" Full, partial and monthly packages including lessons while leasing available. Starting at just $100 a month. Visit the Meet Our Lesson and Camp Horses page to view their photos and learn more about these very well broke horses.


Lost Creek Ranch Leasing & Lesson Package

Leasing Versus Owning:
There are several advantages to leasing. You have the opportunity to learn all about the care and time involved with horses before you go out and buy. Upfront expenses to consider when comparing:

• Purchase price of a well broke horse of similar experience and manners will run anywhere from $3,500 and up.

• Tack: saddle, bridle, bit, halter and lead rope, saddle pad and blanket (which are all included with a lease along with all grooming supplies) will run about $1,500 and up depending on quality and if it is bought new or used. Brand new items will run upwards of $2,000.

• Trailer used, $2,500 (simple 2 horse) and of course, hopefully you have the truck to tow it!

• Boarding averages $200-$350 on average.

• Vet bills, farrier work, worming, etc. averages out to another $30-$50 a month. And that is if you have no injuries or illness!

When you lease a horse at Lost Creek Ranch:

• Your monthly cost is only $230 per month, which includes weekly group lesson and an additional ride weekly.

• You are also entitled to a $10 discount on private lessons and clinics. You are guaranteed that horse for all of your lessons, shows (if you are on the show team), and events.

It includes all of their tack and grooming supplies.

• You are not responsible for any vet or farrier costs.

• All boarding and feed costs are included.

• Yearly $60 registration show fee is waived.

Other leasing packages are available. If you are interested in leasing please contact Lynette by calling her at (715) 273-6070 or you can email her at


We accept cash or checks here at the ranch, or you may pay online through the security of PayPal with your credit card, bank account, PayPal acount, etc. Never used PayPal before? It is a convenient, easy and SAFE way to pay online. Just go to for more information and instructions on how to use this great service.
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