Training by Lynette Weldon
Western Dressage World Res. Champ, Multiple Top 10
Trainer/coach of 2x youth Res. Champ and Open Top 10 rider

*Lynette has one full time training opening Feb and Mar 1st*

Full Time training for colt starting, re-starting. Part Time training openings for getting horses and their riders ready to show in
Western Dressage and Ranch Riding.

When your horse is in Training with Lynette Weldon so are you! Weekly lessons on your horse or one of our school horses. Ride all winter long in our indoor arena- our barn and lounge are heated as well!

Lynette Weldon specializes in creating strong, confident riders and respectful, willing horses. Lost Creek Ranch was founded on her strong belief that the horses needs come first- that horses are not tools. Her number one priority in training is communication between horse and rider. When your horse is in training with Lynette so are you. Weekly lessons for the rider/ owner are always included. Lynette's training results in a soft, responsive horse and creates a willing partner building the horse and riders self confidence.

Young horses just beginning their training will get a solid foundation. Older horses who may be having problems will be worked with to reveal and repair holes in their foundation. Once these holes are identified and fixed you and your horse will be able to advance in your learning.

Lynette's western horses are trained in reining, Western Dressage, Ranch Pleasure and working ranch style which results in a forward, light, willing horse who is sound in the mind and body. Young horses are started on listening to the lightest cues, responding to the riders seat and beginning to understand what it means to ride with feel. Horses that already have a good foundation will be advanced in their training to include spins, stops, roll backs and flying lead changes. Your horse will increase in athletic ability and confidence and will enjoy training. Lynette's training horses are often seen watching her over the fence (not so) patiently waiting for "their turn." When Lynette trains a horse for advanced English style riding the result is the same: a light, athletic horse who accepts and understands riding with contact and seeks the bit.

The laziest horse will perk up, the  flighty horse will be learn to focus,  the  high strung horse will relax and wait for his rider and most importantly the rider will learn to be effective with their horse and be confident to handle any situation.

Problem Horse?
Lynette has found that challenging horses or "problem horses" are rare- usually a horse labeled a problem  is a result of improper handling and once that is corrected the problem goes away. Holes in the foundation can also show up later and make a horse appear to be a problem- thats why all training horses are checked out carefully before proceeding. Over the years Lynette has worked with spooking, bucking, rearing and aggressive horses with success.  Truly challenging horses require patience without an agenda and an ability to "fit the horse," hold no grudges and perfect timing to release for even the smallest try and an innate understanding of equine behavior. If you have a horse like this come out and visit Lynette, watch her ride and train- and be sure to avoid trainers who claim to specialize in problem horses.

Love to Show?
Lynette is interested in working with you and your horse to advance your partnership and take you to the next level. No "show barn" agenda here: just real honest horsemanship. Lynette will access where you and your horse are at and get a training plan together that will benefit you both. There are too many burned out show horses who resent the show ring- let Lynette help you find a horse-first way to be in the show world.The best show horses are happy in their work, solid in their minds and secure in their rider.

Lynette Weldon has trained many breeds including mustangs, Arabians, saddlebreds, friesian crosses, quarter horses, paints, appaloosas, NSH, thoroughbreds, anglo arabs, drafts and draft crosses - her favorite horses are not always the most talented are  smartest but the horses that have the most "try."

$550 per month plus board (stall or paddock)
 Includes weekly riding lesson for you to learn with your horse.

Western Dressage

Western Dressage is a fast growing sport that showcases the talent and partnership of western horses and riders. The Western Dressage Association of America (WDAA) states that the goal of Western Dressage is "to develop a partnership between a happy equine athlete working in harmony with his rider." This has been Lynette Weldon's philosophy for her entire training career. It's this horse-first attitude that attracts so so many riders to Western Dressage and to lesson and clinic with Lynette.

Lynette's goal for Western Dressage, like classical dressage, is to develop a soft, supple, athletic horse with exceptional balance in all maneuvers. Riders compete in western saddles and tack. Western Dressage horses start at Intro Level which is walk/trot and continue to move up the levels. At the top levels horses perform flying lead changes, canter half pass and more.

Lynette at the Western Dressage World Show with Boo, a gelding she started and trained . Reserve Champ and Multiple Top 10 winners. Lynette can get you and your horse to the next level- reserve your training spot today!
lynette weldon western dressage training western dressage clinics wi

(See more on our Western Dressage Page)

Lynette with two of her training inspirations and legends Jack Brainerd and Buck Brannaman

Lynette's Bridle Horses

Are you interested in creating a bridle horse? Lynette can get you and your horse started on this very special style of horsemanship:

Lynette Weldon has a select group of horses that she works with and trains in the vaquero tradition. Though not commonly known in the Midwest the vaquero tradition is a centuries old way of training a bridal horse.

"The Vaquero method of training is a beautiful song,” explains Sheila Varian, “sung with the softness and beauty of the rhythm of the horse. It’s about the total harmony and togetherness of horse and rider.”

Based on centuries-old traditions, the Vaquero method takes a horse from hackamore through the two rein and finally into the spade bit, producing a finely tuned working horse and partner. Its emphasis has always been on the resulting equine athlete’s quality rather than on how quickly the goal is reached."

Lynette begins all of her young horses (and older ones who need to be restarted) in the vaquero tradition with no time line- letting the horse learn at its own pace creates a quiet mind and sound body. Anyone who has had the opportunity to ride one of Lynette's finished bride horses never forgets the experience of how light a horse can be- and they quickly become interested in this style of horsemanship.

"Respectfully responding to just a hair’s feel on the reins, the finished bridle horse is a masterpiece. Creating the sensitivity and response of a spade bit horse begins in the hackamore. If you are in a hurry, don’t count on finding perfection."
(From The AQHA Journal)

Lynette offers a select group of horses to riders who are serious about learning to ride a bridle horse. The following horses are at different levels and each has something to teach: Whiskey (finished bridlel horse), Boo (transitioning from bosal to bridle) & Axel (bosal horse).

 Please contact Lynette for more information:

Boo, a 6 year old paint is riding in the bosal and learning to carry the spade bit.

Training Spotlight

Andrea & Teddy

"Lost Creek Ranch restored my love of horses,"

After losing confidence in her riding ability Andrea sought out a "bomb proof" horse. What she got was Teddy: a smart but pushy horse who spooked at hay bales, birds, grass and multiple times left Andrea on the ground. 

    "I remember going inside the house, crying, embarrassed, and telling my husband that I was just too old to ride.  As a mom of three kids, I was terrified of getting hurt.  I was also diagnosed with a progressive neuromuscular disease in February of 2010 making me feel like it was just time to give up and the diagnosis was a "sign."  In addition to the spooking and bucking, Teddy had other naughty habits such as stepping on people's feet and biting.  Even my daughter who loves horses was scared to go near Teddy."

Andrea was referred to Lynette by her farrier. Andrea was reluctant but felt like this was her last chance. After a few training sessions at her home Andrea decided to send Teddy to Lost Creek Ranch where in addition to Teddy getting trained Andrea could take lessons on him and learn to work with Teddy.

"I didn't really enjoy the first few riding lessons - relearning was difficult and I again felt embarrassed.  Lynette was always very supportive, acknowledging my fears and reassuring me that we would work through everything together.  Watching Lynette work with Teddy was awe inspiring.  She picked up on his anxiety and eagerness to please and taught me about so many of his cues such as which way he turned his ears or the subtle look in his eyes. Things that I had never even thought of.  Plus, it became clear the relationship that Teddy developed with Lynette.  He watched her, everywhere she went, listened to her and was attached to her.
I remember thinking, "that's what I want."  
Eventually one thing clicked, then another and another.  Lynette saw a strength in me and in Teddy that I truly believed didn't exist.  She showed me how Teddy was trusting me.  Lessons became enjoyable and then something I couldn't wait for.  Teddy was excited to see me too and the bad behaviors were gone and if they came back, I was confident that I would know how to deal with them.
Lost Creek Ranch became a place of healing for me.  It restored my love for horses - something I had longed for since childhood.  It gave me confidence that I didn't know existed.  I fell in love with Teddy.  Teddy and I now have gone on many trail rides together and participated in two horse shows.  Every time I am with him, I feel a connection to him and he to me.  Lynette was a gift to us from up above and was our healer."

Andrea & Teddy can now enjoy showing, arena work and trail rides with confidence

Training Spotlight

Mustang Mare

"Several years ago, I found myself gazing into the eyes of an unbroken, 3 year old Mustang mare. Although I had grown up on horses, I was not prepared to train a Mustang myself. I had heard Mustangs were different from other horses and I must admit I was intimidated by the thought. I hired Lynnette Weldon of Lost Creek Ranch to train my Mustang mare. When the training was finished, Lynnette called and asked if I would stop in and take the mare for a ride in her arena. I hesitated, I stalled, I made an excuse…I must admit, I was still intimidated. Oh the Mustang stories I’d heard !

About a week after Lynnette called, I tried to lay my fears aside and I headed out to the Ranch. Lynnette was great at explaining everything she had done with the mare while she demonstrated her training methods and allowed me to try them out myself so I would know in the future how to handle my horse. Lynnette was also great at explaining how the process of training was coming along during the actual training. I called her several times, and she was able to tell me exactly the progress she and my mare were making.

I was still a bit tentative about getting in the saddle, but I did and my Mustang mare handled beautifully ! She was so calm and serene, and she did everything I asked her to do. I was extremely impressed with Lynnette’s ability to work not only with my horse, but also with me throughout the training process.

Although I wasn’t able to keep this mare, she did become the companion of a 15 year old girl who rode her in 4-H shows for several years.

I would highly recommend Lynnette as a horse trainer and I would definitely use her again if needed. Lynnette truly has a gift with both horses and children."

Stephanie Julian
Odanah, WI